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The Customer Satisfaction of Vehicle Maintenance Service: An example of NanYang Industry in Taipei Area



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The purpose of this study is to understand the satisfaction of automobile service industry in Taipei area. Grounded by theory of SERVQUAL model, the author categorized service quality into five items, which are guarantee, caring, reaction, reliability, and visibility. Based on these five service quality items, the author created a questionnaire, satisfaction of automobile industry service quality, to launch a survey as the research method. Sampling of this survey was 150 customers who drove to Nan Yang automobile industry in Taipei area for maintenance or repair.The author firstly used descriptive statistics to illustrate the data of participants' and their cars' basic information the author has collected from the survey. Then the author examined item analysis, reliability analysis, and validity analysis. Furthermore, the author analyzed the data by SERVQUAL model and Kano two-dimensional quality model for screening. Finally, the quality function deployment was evaluated by viewing quality elements which need to improve.The result showed that the customer satisfaction rate of automobile service was located at the improvement needed area in SERVQUAL model and Kano two-dimensional quality model which meant the item of reaction and empathy of service quality in Nan Yang automobile industry are two parts that need to improve and increase customer satisfaction. Moreover, results from analysis of evaluating quality function deployment showed some quality elements have rooms for improvement which included staff professional ability, listening skill, staff professional training, service efficiency and perspicacity.At the end of this paper, the author provided improvement suggestions for each improvement-needed item as a customer reaction guide for Nan Yang automobile industry to increase the rate of customer satisfaction.


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