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Flowers Blooming from the Life of an Artist: Feng Tze-kai's Creative Comics


一般人提到豐子愷(1898-1975),首先聯想到的就是「子愷漫畫」。從第一張漫畫「人散後,一鉤新月天如水」在《我們的七月》刊物上發表之後,豐子愷習慣以寫隨筆的方式,用漫畫吐露內在的心聲,並藉著生活化的取材與描繪,傳達對社會以及周遭人事物的看法。 豐子愷個人所學廣博,他的漫畫創作植根於生活,無論是篆刻、翻譯、散文、作曲,或是藝術論著、鋼琴等樂器的實際演奏,凡此種種,都是他漫畫無窮的創作源泉。因此,豐子愷的漫畫創作,是從其藝術生命中吸取養分而綻放的花朵。 透過豐子愷的漫畫創作,彷彿展讀一幅清新、雍容的現代水墨長卷。在天光雲影之間,可以吟詠來自藝術家心靈深處最赤誠優美的天籟,品味大千世界裡溫馨的人間情懷,並且諦聽時代潮汐拍岸的巨響。而豐子愷漫畫風格獨具的那份簡樸、和煦、雅俗共賞卻又靈光閃耀的風華,即是漫溢在整幅畫卷裡芬馥的芳香。


豐子愷 漫畫 插圖 白描 藝術

Parallel abstracts

Generally, when people speak of Feng Tze-kai (1898-1975), they think of his comic drawings. Since his first drawing-”A New Moon in the Watery Sky after a Party,” which appeared in Our July, Feng Tze-kai became used to writing and drawing in a casual way, murmuring his mind through his drawings, taking the topics from everyday life, and trying to express his ideas about the society and the people around. Feng Tze-kai was a very well-read person, excelling in many art forms besides drawings, e.g., seal type cutting, translating, prose writing, music composing, art criticism, musical instrument playing, etc. All these different talents and experiences, along with everyday life experiences, provided him with endless resources for creation. Thus, we can say that the comic creations of Feng Tze-kai were like the flowers blooming from the soil of his artistic life. Feng Tze-kai's comic creations were like a scroll of modern ink paintings, where we seem to hear the truest and profoundest song flowing out of the artist's innermost soul, or to enjoy the warmest concerns of kindly human beings and the crashing roars of turning of different ages. The very simplicity, the warmth, and the perfect combination of the elegant with the ordinary has given Feng Tze-kai's works a special tone, which emerges here and there with fragrance all over his drawings.

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