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The Side-Effects of Creatine Supplementation




肌酸 副作用

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In the last decade, the creatine monohydrate has been very popular among athletes and coaches. The attentions of creatine supplementation always were made on the effects of performance, however, there had few studies focused on the side-effects after ingestion of creatine. The most common side-effect of short- and long-term creatine supplementation is increased body weight, and this phenomenon is related to the increased intramuscular water content and fat-free mass. The intramuscular water retention may due to the osmotic swelling associated with muscle creatine uptake. Creatine may also function at the transcriptional or translational level to stimulate contractile protein biosynthesis. Another side-effect of creatine is gastro-intestinal distress during exercise while taking high doses of creatine immediately before and/or during exercise. Except these side-effects, there are no observable adverse effects on the kidney and heart functions, muscle cramps and strains, even the carcinogenicity, in health athletes after short-term creatine supplementation. However, the controlled long-term safety data (>1 year) in humans are lacking and thus the absence of scientific evidence for adverse side-effects to date does not prove product long-term safety.

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Creatine Side-effects


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