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The Effect of Intermittent Hypoxia on Glucose Tolerance and Insulin Sensitivity



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The benefit of exercise training on glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity has previously been demonstrated. The current study was undertaken to investigate the effect of the different intermittent hypoxia on the glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Thirty-nine Sprague-Dawley rats were matched for weight and assigned into following 3 treatments: control (n=13), 1-hr hypoxia/day (n=13), and 8-hr hypoxia/day (n=13). Half of the animals in each group were exposed to hypoxia for one week, and the rest of animals were continuously exposed to hypoxia until 8th weeks. Hypoxic treatment consisted of breathing 14% O2 under normobaric condition. An oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was performed 13h after treatments. At the end of the one week, 8-hr hypoxia/day significantly improved glucose tolerance, but did not alter insulin response. At the end of the 8th weeks, both 1 and 8-hr hypoxia/day significantly improved insulin sensitivity. This result indicated that intermittent hypoxia improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. The level of the improvement could were associated with the effect of hypoxia duration and period.


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