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The Investigation of Mango Bacterial Black Spot on Mango Cultivars 'Taichung No. 1' and 'Irwin'


芒果為臺灣重要經濟果樹,芒果細菌性黑斑病(Mango Bacterial Black Spot)為其生產之重要限制因子。為了解芒果細菌性黑斑病對芒果‘台中1號’及‘愛文’等2品種生產之影響,本試驗自罹病芒果葉片中分離出芒果細菌性黑斑病之病原菌Tcpb10,以‘台中1號’及‘愛文’等2品種葉片測試對其感受性,並分別調查臺中區農業改良場(以下簡稱本場)及臺中市太平區芒果園中芒果細菌性黑斑病之發生情形。結果顯示‘台中1號’及‘愛文’對芒果細菌性黑斑病不具抗性,且在果園中芒果細菌性黑斑病於‘台中1號’上發生情形較 ‘愛文’嚴重。

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Mango is one of the important economic fruits in Taiwan, and Mango Bacterial Black Spot (MBBS) is a limiting factor for mango industries. We isolated and identified the bacterial pathogen, investigated the susceptibility of 'Taichung No. 1' and 'Irwin' cultivars to MBBS and surveyed the disease severity in order to understand the effect of MBBS on the production of the two cultivars. Xanthomonas citri pv. mangiferaeindicae strain Tcpb10 could infect the mango cultivars 'Taichung No. 1' and 'Irwin' showed that the cultivars were susceptible to MBBS. The field survey found that the disease severity of 'Taichung No. 1' was higher than 'Irwin'.