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Syaman Rapongan the "subjectivity" and Research on Ethnic Contacts during the Japanese Occupation Period



Parallel abstracts

This article is based on the important creation of "The Man Without a Mailbox", such as "The Flag Is Fluttering", "The Disaster Introduced by the Typhoon", "Who Occupied Our Island", "Who Tore Down My Home", "The World War II Frontier Islands"... and other important points of view, in-depth analysis In Syaman Rapongan's writings, the Tao people met the Japanese colonists and foreigners, just like the early days of the Japanese occupation, the Tao people met the Japanese Torii Ryuzo for the first time. Incident: In the early period of the Japanese occupation, the tribe rescued the foreigners from the "American Benjamin ship", but the incident of the foreigners stealing the "sheep" and the "clothes" were derived. The perspectives of the foreigners and the Tao people were compared and analyzed; Japan The ethnic relationship between the Japanese colonial commander Pawuben and the Tao people in the middle period of the Japanese occupation is just like the "exorcism ceremony", "beach incident", and "Japanese colonial labor"; The incident of standing upright and the family rebuilding the house... etc., observed by Syaman Rapongan with the "I" of the "writing subject", balancing the interpretation and interpretation point of view of the cross-time and space dialogue with the Gentiles in the past; using the "writing subject" Reinterpret this period of written history, and witness that the Tao tribe has become the "writing subject" in the literature of aboriginal writers. The viewpoint of this creative text will rediscover the "discourse power of subjectivity" based on "a nation without writing", hoping to give voice to the "discourse power" and "interpretation power" of Tao's marine culture and the tribe's "subjectivity", and then reproduce it Important ethnic contact events and development process of the Tao ethnic group during the Japanese occupation period.