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A Comparison of Venerable Yin Shun and Patriarch Yin Guang's Views of Pure Land: Focusing on "Accordance with Truth and Accordance with Circumstances" and "Chanting of the Name of Amitābha Buddha"




印順 印光 契理契機 稱名念佛

Parallel abstracts

When Venerable Yin Shun explained the Humanistic Buddhism, he used "accordance with truth" and "accordance with circumstances" to indicate its legitimacy and reliability. Contemporary people also follow these two concepts to refine the main idea of Humanistic Buddhism. However, they do not notice, in general, that Yin Shun ever cited Patriarch Yin Guang's teaching when he exerted this meaning. Yin Shun used "correct practices of the human world" to indicate the meaning of "accordance with circumstances," cited "human relations and ethics" advocated by Yin Guang as footnotes of "correct practices of the human world," and further extends to see it as the foundation of obtaining rebirth in the Pure Land. Venerable Yin Shun and Patriarch Yin Guang shared the same view to the practice "chanting of the name of Amitābha Buddha". Yin Shun had used Yin Guang's teaching of Buddha chanting as an example to point out the entrance of the method. Yin Shun also followed Yin Guang's method of "attentive listening to one's own chanting" to warn practitioners about the disadvantages of being unable to chant clearly, count and remember the chants clearly, or hear one's own chants clearly. He carried out the method deeply, corrected misconceptions, and extended the concept of sage. However, they had different viewpoints to whether Pure Land teaching is consistent with truth and with one's spiritual ability. Although Yin Shun did not deny the existence of World of Ultimate Bliss, he did not oppose to the obtaining rebirth in the Pure Land. However, he used the character of human world to oppose the Pure Land teaching being consistent with truth and with circumstances. On the contrary, Yin Guang insisted that Pure Land teaching is in accord with truth and with one's spiritual ability to the most in the current Dharma-Ending Age. Without this teaching, beings are difficult to transcend transmigration.