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"Acting with Cogitation of Śūnyatā, and All As One": On Master Hsing Yun's Cogitation of Prajna and His Zen of Humanistic Life



Parallel abstracts

In this research, we discuss Master Hsing Yun's cogitation of prajna. His cogitation of prajna is based on Vajra-Prajñapāramitā-Sñtra and 6th Patriarch Platform Sutra, it expound the wisdom of prajna, and the six pāramitās of These Scriptures. It is not only effect Zen School of Buddhism, but also is the foundation theory of Chan of Humanistic Life. Master Hsing Yun explains that "prajna" as acting with cogitation of Śūnyatā and "Anātman" as "all as one". Master Hsing Yun also emphasizes the combination of living and Zen, and practitioner should maintain the main point of prajna in life, and reassure their body and spirit in order to cultivation the non-abidingness. Although Master Hsing Yun focuses on the bhāva of prajna, he also wants to ameliorate the ill of traditional Buddhism. As the meanwhile, expanding the application of Chan, making Zen to promote life quality and solve problems and the method to build the pure land. Overall, Master Hsing Yun's cogitation of prajna shows the purpose of humanistic Buddhism which use the spirit as the reality, and the religion mind of prajna wisdom and bodhi-citta in Chan of humanistic life.