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Venerable Master Hsing Yun's Core Aspects on Applied Management



Parallel abstracts

Venerable Master Hsing Yun founded Fo Guan Shan and arouse out of his vision established operational management guidelines for the Monastery namely: "Collaborative Creation", "Leadership by Well-developed System", "Solely Buddhism", and "Rule-by-Dharma", along with, underpinning functional aspects and nature of Buddha's Light International Association (BLIA) such that both monastics and lay disciples could foster a set of guidelines that thrive the sustainable development for Fo Guan Community. Master Hsing Yun directed topics particularly on "wealth management", "power management" and "human resources management" in dealing with "finance" and "power" which will inevitably be touched upon throughout the process in reality. He viewed that "mind management" is the core aspect in managing people which collates with Buddhist doctrine. Furthermore, practice with agile compassion and wisdom can lead the organization to achieve state of "oneness and co-existence" and because Master Hsing Yun profoundly praised the state of "all utmost well-doers assemble in a single place" in the Ultimate Bliss of Pure Land and adored Amitabha Buddha being the greatest expert in management, all these pledged sense of subtle sacredness into the secular management concepts, and consequently "secular affairs" and "Buddhist doctrine" are jointly moving forward in a positive direction.