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An Outline about the Financial Quotient of Humanistic Buddhism




人間佛教 財商 財富

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Based on the improvement of human life, humanistic Buddhism aims at self-promotion and the perfection of personality. A fundamental task of doing them well is to resolve the "three poison" (greed, hatred and delusion). Humanistic Buddhism has never evaded the pursuit of wealth, but its "wealth" comes into three meanings: useful wealth, moral wealth and Buddhist wealth. The useful wealth is a repaying from the past and present life. We should obtain it in law, and consider as well as use it in perspective. The moral wealth is a way to maintain our useful wealth and a force of self-promotion and the perfection of personality. Buddhist wealth is a kind of key wealth to get rid of trouble from ignorance and to perfect personality. They are a continuous process of Buddhist practice. The financial quotient of humanistic Buddhism is not only a unique concept, knowledge and behavior about wealth, but also a key to guide us perfecting personality and becoming Buddha.

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