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Monks from Northern Jiangsu in Southern Jiangsu: The Migration of Buddhist Monks and its Influence during the Republican Era




地緣 蘇北 近代佛教

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Besides the dharma lineage, territorial network plays a crucial role in adjusting the relationship between Buddhists monks and shaping the geographical feature of modern Chinese Buddhism. Monks migrated from Northern Jiangsu to Southern Jiangsu or Shanghai for education, ordination or economic interest. Northern Jiangsu monks in Southern Jiangsu or Shanghai forged alliances to help each other in many ways, which made a profound impact on economies, organizations and rituals of the famed "Jiangzhe Buddhism". By investigating the territorial network of monks in the Republican Era, we may shed some light not only on a complete geographical picture of modern Buddhism, but also on the reflection of the sangha structure and lessons from the Buddhist reform.

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Subei monks Jiangnan territorial network