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Distress and Transcending: Exploring the Pulse of Chen-Yingzhen’s Literature and Thoughts within Historical-Realistic-Feelings

Advisor : 劉可強


本文建議逼近陳映真的感受,以感受陳映真寫作的思想力量。作者發現,過往研究者皆未察覺陳映真著作版本差異,鮮少自覺研究方式已然刻板,而形成不同程度的閱讀偏差。如何理解閱讀偏差?作者認為也顯示了戰後台灣特定歷史構造中,政治意識形態鬥爭的影響。因此,我們亟需一種方式清理我們的知識狀況,以便有效理解陳映真,以及使陳映真思想能與讀者的知識狀況、歷史、現實,發揮具有積極意義的互動。作者認為,採取「歷史-現實感」的方式感受陳映真文學與思想脈動,將能有不同的啟發。 陳映真總是緊貼著現實動態,思想、苦悶以及嘗試超克:苦悶與超克。舉例而言,陳映真入獄前小說表現的苦惱,主要因感受人們的「定命」狀態。陳映真嘗試勾動人們警覺但不可得。當我們隨著陳映真的視野看向外在環境,理解革命的不可能,也將察覺1960年代初期小說就帶有陳映真的政治觀等線索。出獄之後,現實問題並未解決,甚至更複雜,使陳映真依然苦悶。但是陳映真出獄後的小說顯現了強烈的對人的不放棄,以對人的無條件信賴為基礎,陳映真採取不同方式換動人警覺「命定」,這是因為陳映真克服了某些思想危機。總結來說,陳映真不斷想著調動人心,使得陳映真文學有動人的力量;而陳映真不斷地回應多層次的現實,則是陳映真思想之難以化約、具有猶待繼續探索之豐富性的原因。


陳映真 思想 文學 歷史現實感覺 政治

Parallel abstracts

The dissertation suggests closing in Chen-Yingzhen’s feelings, to feel the power of thoughts in Chen’s writings. The author found that past researchers never aware of the different versions of Chen’s writings, seldom notice the stereotyping of research method and way of reading, ultimately causes faults in different degree. How to understand reading faults? The author claimed that it appeared the struggle of different political ideology which reflects the specific structure of the Post-War history of Taiwan. Therefore, it is urgent to clear up our own condition of knowledge, as to find an effective way to understand Chen, afterwards make Chen’s thoughts interact in active and positive ways with our own condition of knowledge, History, and reality. The author’s idea is that we may have different inspiration exploring the Pulse of Chen’s literature and thoughts within Historical-Realistic-Feelings. Chen is always close to the reality, to think, feels distress, and tries to transcend: Distress and Transcending. For example, the distress appeared in the literatures before Chen was put into jail, mainly result from his feeling of the condition of ‘Ding-Ming(fatal)’ of ordinary people. Chen tried to put his thoughts on awakening in the literature but with no positive ending. If following up Chen’s footprint, we not only will found that it is impossible to imagine A Revolution, but will also found Chen’s political thinking by the distress raised from the impossibility of Revolution. After jail, social-political reality is not only unsolved, but even more critical, makes Chen’s continuing of feelings of distress. But literatures afterwards showed a stronger faith on ‘not giving up on “human”’, which based on the trust of human in any case. Because of some Transcending of his own crisis of thoughts, Chen changes his ways of writing to inspire readers on ‘Ding-Ming’. In summary, it is because Chen’s trying on inspiring readers, makes his literature a power to move; and it is the trying of reflecting multi-level reality, makes it hard to simplify Chen’s thoughts, and a necessity continuing exploration.