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Study on the regulation of high BMI subjects’ weight and body fat and blood lipids by soy protein isolate

Advisor : 王進崑


本研究將大豆分離蛋白介入減重計畫中,和一般營養減重計畫作比較。兩組分別進行12週,每週進行體位測量,並於實驗前後抽血檢測相關血液生化值。 本研究分為一般減重組和實驗減重組.每組15人,為期12週。最主要之差異為蛋白質來源。一般組的蛋白質來源為動植物之食物(食品)蛋白質,實驗組則需每日介入40公克之大豆分離蛋白。 結果顯示,一般組與實驗組在體重、身體質量指數、體脂肪率、在介入後12週後均有顯著降低(p<0.01)。實驗組之血壓、血清總膽固醇、三酸甘油酯、肝功能指數都低於一般組 (p<0.05),兩組在介入12週後,尿酸以及血糖沒有顯著變化。由實驗結果顯示,介入大豆分離蛋白的減重飲食相較於一般傳統減重飲食之介入效果更好。

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The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the intervention of soy protein isolate is more effective on the weight management than normal diet. The subjects were divided into two groups : (1) the control group (n=15) which consumed normal protein diet and (2) the experiment group (n=15) which consumed 40g soy protein isolate every day. The experimental period was 12 weeks. After 12 weeks of intervention, the body weight, BMI,and body fat were significantly decreased in both groups(p<0.01). Blood pressure, serum cholesterol, TG, GOT and GPT were significantly decreased(p<0.05)in the experimental group as compared with the control group. Serum uric acid and glucose were not changed. In conclusion, soy protein isolate intervention was more effective than normal diet intervention on the management of body weight.

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soy protein isolate


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