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The Perspective of I Ching Feng Shui to Discuss Store Decision Factors-Case Study in Coffee Shops

Advisor : 杜光玉



Parallel abstracts

Every business is particular about location, café shops also. Objective: To Analysis the critical success factors operating in the cafe shop, what difference perspective of store address decision on I Ching Feng Shui and business management, and analysis what are the important perspective of cafe store address decisions by I Ching feng shu, in Taichung metropolitan area. Methods: Content analysis by the literature of I Ching Feng Shui and natural scientific theory, questionnaire and cases analysis. Results: I Ching Feng Shui and management’s point of view both agree that the flow of the wind field is the same with the crowds gathered viewpoint, They all uphold the important principles of the "possession of the wind gathering" in I Ching Feng Shui theory. In the difference, I Ching Feng Shui pay attention in “gathered wind field and utilize the three elements of life in each other auxiliary, including sunlight, air and water, they can generate a good wind field and quality of comfort, and thus can drive the popularity and wealth. But the essence of the store decision factors and environmental factors on public view of business management will consider about comprising: a district location, neighboring environment, consumer characteristics, store pattern, those are the rule of market supply and business demand. Conclusion: Store environment seems to relate to the human life, "Geomancers" are like environmental planners or architects in modern time, because the same work in the store address decisions, they both pursuit better human environment. Location’s condition is the primary factor that store business critical success, and I hope this paper would provide reference materials when business practitioners to enhance the success rate of shop operations in the future, to increase cafe shop’s quality, even consolidate national and social economic recovery, but also family and personal safety and health.