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The Analysis of the Shooting of Football Games~A Case Study of 2002 and 2006 World Cup Football Games


本研究目的是分析足球比賽中有關入球點的狀況,藉以提供國內各級教練及球員訓練時之參考。以2002、2006年世界盃足球賽各64場,共128場比賽之戰況錄製而成,於國立台灣體院足球研究室中,利用放映觀看,經由再生慢速觀察並記錄各場比賽射門的各種演變情形進而分析,並將資料整理分類、統計算出平均數及百分比加以探討後,獲致以下之結論:一、兩屆世界盃進球率之比較,2002年64場比賽中,射進161球入球率爲2.52﹪,2006年64場比賽中,射進147球入球率爲2.30%,顯見2006年入球率因爲戰術的改變,比賽可能以防守的打法佔優勢,以「不失球即贏球」之觀念爲主,所以,未來足球技術與戰術的提昇是主要關鍵。二、兩屆世界盃足球賽均以右腳入球率最高,與慣用腳右腳有關。三、兩屆世界盃足球賽顯示前鋒的入球率最高,前鋒扮演著主要進球角色,但中場、後衛如具備放冷箭或突襲叩關的能力,將可提昇進球率並更能獲勝。四、兩屆世界盃足球賽的進球區域仍以B 區爲最佳的入球帶,位於球門正面,射門角度大,射門得分機率高。


足球 世界盃 射門

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The purpose of the study is to analyze the shooting of football games in order to offer domestic coaches and players for reference. We recorded the total 128 games of 2002 and 2006 World Cup Football Game which has 64 games in each and played them in slow motion at Football Research Lab of Taiwan College of Physical Education, recording and analyzing any different shootings, cataloging the results, getting the average value and percentage. We got the following conclusions: (一) The comparison of the two shooting rate in the two World Cup Football Games: it shot 161 balls and got 2.52% shooting rate in 64 games of 2002, shooting 147 balls and getting 2.30% shooting rate in 64 games of 2006, it is apparent that the shooting rate in 2006 is better because the strategy has changed to a 「no lose is winning」defensive method. Therefore, the improvement in both skills and strategy are critical in the future. (二) The highest shooting rate was got by using right foot in these two World Cup Football Games, it is related to the habit of using right foot. (三) These two World Cup Football Games showed the centre half-back got the highest shooting rate and played an important role in shooing, but it would increase the shooting rate if the half-back and full-back had the skills to shoot or attack suddenly. (四) B area was still the best shooting area in the two World Cup Football Games, being the right front of the goal, a great angle for shooting and having the better chance to shoot at goal as well.

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