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The Management Mind Method of "Three Techniques of the Glorious Sun" by Lay Buddhist Yang Zhao




楊釗 旭日集團 管理 居士 旭日三招

Parallel abstracts

Glorious Sun Group (GSG,旭日集團) was established by Mr. Yang Zhao with a mission of "Entrepreneurship, Preservation, and Life". As a devoted Buddhist and philanthropic entrepreneur, he strives to make positive contributions to society. This paper primarily examines the "Three Techniques of the Glorious Sun" proposed by him, namely "Recognizing the Significance of Matters," "Adapting to Changing Circumstances," and "Achieving Objectives without Haste." These are his self-developed management techniques that incorporate numerous Buddhist ideas and concepts. Yang Zhao believes that these three steps serve as the "gateway to wisdom," enabling individuals to analyze and solve problems while remaining adaptable in a constantly evolving world. Exceptional leaders must possess the ability to innovate management practices and implement them into a comprehensive theoretical framework, with the "Three Techniques of the Glorious Sun" serving as an essential component of Yang Zhao's management philosophy.