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Humanistic Buddhism's Social Charity Service - Fo Guang Shan's "Cloud and Water Bookmobile" and Its Benefits to Rural Children




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In January 2007, Fo Guang Shan established the "Yunshu Bookstore - Mobile Library" in Taiwan to help students in remote areas access reading resources and bring books to impoverished areas. Currently, Fo Guang Shan has a total of 50 "Yunshu Book Carts" in Taiwan, with 37 bases located in the northern, central, southern, eastern, and offshore (Kinmen) regions, each with its own service route. The "Yunshu Book Cart" has covered 320 towns and cities, serving nearly 1,500 schools, and benefiting over tens of thousands of students. This article mainly explores the concept and operation mode of the "Yunshu Book Cart," as well as the benefits it brings to rural students, and examines the challenges faced in promoting the program.

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