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Frequency Analysis of Annual One-Day, Two-Day, Three-Day Maximum Rainfall In Shiding Rain Gauge and Annual One-Day Maximum Runoff At Jingmei Downstream Hydrological Station



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The Jingmei stream was selected in this study. The annual one-day, two-day, threeday maximum rainfall in Shiding rain gauge and annual one-day maximum runoff at Jingmei downstream hydrological station during the period from 1970 to 2009 were analyzed using the frequency analysis. Four probability distributions were compared, including extreme-value type I distribution, logarithmic normal distribution, Pearson type III distribution and logarithmic Pearson type III distribution, in order to study the variation trend of hydrological characteristics under climate change condition. Results showed that the Pearson type III distribution was suitable for annual one-day maximum rainfall and runoff; while the extreme-value type I distribution was favorable for annual two-day and three-day maximum rainfall. Moreover, the mean value and coefficient of variation of observed rainfall and runoff in late stage (1987-2009) were higher than that in early stage (1970-1986). In conclusion, there was an increasing trend for the annual oneday maximum rainfall and runoff at the Jingmei stream watershed. It revealed that the occurrence probability of extreme hydrological events will be higher in the further.