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Driver Distraction Detection Based on Head-Mounted Sensing Technology



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In view of the driver's attention is highly related to traffic safety, this paper presents a Driver Distraction Detection system based on the head postures analysis. By using the head-mounted sensing modules, the purpose of this study is to detect if the head posture belongs to abnormal situation. Simultaneously, our proposed technology is able to detect the distracted driving behaviors. The framework of this system consists of head-mounted sensing modules, smart vehicle information gateway (SVIG), and distracted driving warning application. The head-mounted sensing modules can real-time recognize the driver's abnormal behaviors if the driver divert his eyes away from the road or divert his attention away from the primary task of driving. That is, the directions of the head posture and the vehicle are inconsistent. Moreover, the distraction driving warming system can remind driver to avoid raising the driving risk which is caused of negligence.

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