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On the individuals' acceptance on personal health records: an Internet survey



Parallel abstracts

This study aims to investigate how well people use the electronic medical record platform. They can make good use of their health records through personalized electronic medical record platform. By inquiring personal health record and medical record online, they are able to manage their own health conditions and understand their history of medical care. It is expected that medical records can be transparent so that people can have access to their records and discuss their conditions with their friends, relatives, and related medical personnel easily. The model for the best explanation is conducted through Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Perceived ease of use can explain the 74% variation of Perceived usefulness, while perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use can explain the 67.4% variation of users' attitude. Other variables can explain the 72.6% variation of users' willingness. The model constructed according to the study meets goodness to fit, and the results conform to technology acceptance model. Therefore, the government and hospitals can promote a personalized electronic medical record platform in terms of its usefulness and usability. Although most people have positive attitude toward the platform, the mechanism for the protection of information privacy and security shall be taken into consideration so as to promote their willingness to use it.