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Gender Differences of High School Students' Intention and Behavior to Visit Internet Café



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Computer games become popular leisure activity for adolescents. The rise of internet and on-line games is the reason for internet café mushrooming. It is widely believed that game content and space are gendered. The study utilized the theory of planned behavior to explore gender differences of adolescents' intention and behavior to visit internet café. The population was high school students of Hualien. The instrument, with permission of Dr. Ajzen of the University of Massachusetts, was translated into Chinese and pilot tested. Data were collected between February and September 2002. A total of 483 and 416 useful questionnaires were obtained for intention and behavior respectively. The results revealed that boy's attitudes to visit internet café were more positive than girls. Boys experienced significantly lower social pressure. And boys' perception of control, past behavior, intention, and frequency of visiting were significantly higher than girls. Two conclusions were drawn. The study proves past behavior is an important factor in predicting intention and behavior of visiting internet café, therefore past behavior should not be overlooked as one applies theory of planned behavior to leisure choices. There are gender differences in predicting high school students' intention and behavior to visit internet café. The study implies the internet café could be dominated by males. Suggestions and recommendations were made for practice and research.