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Preliminary Study of Disability Special Medical Clinic Initiative in Taiwan




身心障礙 門診 醫療需求

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Objective: This study was aimed at investigating the medical need of the disabled and the experience of running disability clinic. Methods: This study is divided into two parts: 1) a questionnaire to assess the disabled and long-term care professionals; 2) a site visit at Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital. Result: For the first part, there were 391 valid questionnaires; 99.2% of the respondents agreed to arrange both a telephone appointment and a network registration; 92.9% believed that the disabled need assistance in the registration process from the specific staff; 100% believed that the disability clinic should be near an accessible toilet; 98.6% believed that the disability clinic should have fixed out-patient schedules. At the special clinic we visited, patients are registered by the case managers. Conclusion: For the disabled, the barrier toward receiving health care is much higher than that of normal people. A disability clinic needs complete consideration in order to fulfill the medical need of the disabled.

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Disability medical need outpatient clinic


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