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The Family Experience of Persons with Spinal Cord Injury



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Objectives: The aim of this study is to analyze whether gender position of persons with spinal cord injury affect their family relationships, intimate relationship especially sexual health after spinal cord injury. Methods: A qualitative research approach is adopted as the method to collect research data and 8 persons with spinal cord injury in Central Taiwan were interviewed. Results: The findings indicate that gender position of persons with spinal cord injury in the family is associated with family relationship, intimate relationship and sexual health. Male interviewees report better marital relationship with their spouses while female interviewees are more likely to experience a sense of vulnerability in their marital relationship due to their disabilities. Conclusion: Gender position of persons with spinal cord injury helps to understand difference life experiences in family relationships, intimate relationship with a spouse, and in particular sexual health after injuries are occurred. In other words, hidden cultural disciplinary roles, namely inherence of family lines and performance of gender roles should be taken into consideration when professionals survey individuals with spinal cord injury to ascertain their health.


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