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The Relationship Between Different Types of Parenting Time and Creativity



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This study is based on Kalil et al. (2012) classification of parental companionship time, and investigates various parental companionship time for children: " basic care time", "teaching time", "non-teaching time", "discipline time" and "required planning time", and examines the relationship between parenting time on weekdays and holidays and children's different types of creativity (open-ended and closed-ended). This study collected a total of 541 middle school students from North, Central, South, East, and Islands in Taiwan. The results showed that the parent time predicts children's "open-ended creativity" more than "close-ended creativity". Further analysis showed that the influence of parent time is also different on weekdays and holidays: on weekdays, the mother's "basic care time" is most helpful to children's creativity; while on holidays, the mother's "required planning time " can positively predict children's creativity, on the contrary, the mother's "teaching time" and the father's "discipline time" negatively predict creativity. The results of this study should help clarify the relationship between parent time and creativity, and make recommendations based on the research results in order to become the basis for subsequent research.