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How Declining Birthrate Impact the School Education Setting: Under the Administrator Teacher's Viewpoint



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Declining birthrate phenomenon seems to have become a common trend of the world, while Taiwan's declining birthrate situation faced more obvious, even higher than the world's advanced countries. Alter the demographic structure of the indirect impact to the whole social, economic, family, cultural, and even directly reflected in the education system. Under such a demographic phenomenon, resulting in education face the past produced some different kind of state. Declining birthrate phenomenon has a certain influence on the school, these effects are also emerging in the context of Language "teachers" are facing actual scene - administrator teacher, this article will serve as a teacher in the viewpoint of administrator, and from the low birthrate of the current situation, the causes and impact of the current situation, turning teachers is also an executive officer has explained the situation and how administrator teacher through teacher educators themselves self-adjustment, together to think about school education in addition to focus on the structure, teachers should also be nature into account, and finally hoped that through the interpretation of this context, providing government agencies, local governments in the formulation of education policy reference and as quietly educators in Taiwan sound.

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