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Softball Windmill Pitch Lower Extremity EMG Analysis



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The lower extremity as origin of the pitching power leads gravity of body move and makes upper extremity speed up to throw the ball. Therefore, we want to investigate the muscle firing pattern and activation characteristics during windmill pitching, and analyze the difference between different types of pitch. Purpose: To observe the EMG parameters of lower extremity during windmill pitching. Methods: Biovision system (Frequency: 1000Hz) was used to collect EMG data (rectus femoris, biceps femoris, tibialis anterior, and gastrocnemius muscle of both of legs) of five female softball windmill pitchers during throwing straight ball and rise ball. Results: muscles activations of right side during delivery period were bigger than left side, and left side took advantage when in the acceleration period. Conclusion: There were no regularities in muscle firing pattern when participants pitching. We suggested that pitchers should put more attention on right side push-leg during delivery period and stride-leg in the acceleration period.

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straight ball rise ball muscle firing pattern

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