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The Collation of the Text of the Lesson of Great Grandfather

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The main purpose of this paper is to collate the text of the Lesson of Great Grandfather, which has been one of the popular books for young children since the late T'ang dynasty, however was ignored by the present. That book might be written by unknown the scholar lived in the country in the late T'ang dynasty, which was a rhymed composition, and most of sentences were composed by four words. There is about two thousand and six hundred words in that book. There are 34 copies of childrens* script of that book, which are collected in the Treasure of Tunhuang, and are the subject of collation. Besides, the pioneering study of content analysis on womens' education has been undertaken. That book was one of the main sources by which the idea of "man is superior to female" was transmitted to the farmers' boys who are the major readers.

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