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On the Pruning and Reinventing of Shiji from Qun Shu Zhi Yao



Parallel abstracts

Shiji was a self-contained thinking system from Si Ma Qian by exploring the relationship between heaven and man and understanding the dynasties' changes of history and present, which is also a semi-private writing history. He pruned historical data with his historical knowledge and recorded three thousand years of historical events and figures on five scales. It is to summarize the historical law and contrast with the contemporary political situation. Qun Shu Zhi Yao takes the essence of "Inner Sage And Outer Kingliness" in six classics, four histories, and philosophers about hundred schools, and compiles it into a book. However, the pruning of original Shiji in Qun Shu Zhi Yao presents a changing view of history. This essay takes the collecting materials from Shiji in Qun Shu Zhi Yao as the core and compare them with the Shiji, also refer to the reviews of various critics then arrange the methods that how Qun Shu Zhi Yao sort Shiji out and its characteristics. The different historical views between Shiji and Qun Shu Zhi Yao is the issue that this article concerned about. Through this essay, not only observe the context of the compilation of Qun Shu Zhi Yao and summarize the characteristics of its material selection also explore how encyclopedia system accepting the historical view from the original book to supply the connotation of studying Shiji and developing of history.


*漢‧司馬遷:《史記》,北京:中華書局,1982。[Han] Si Ma Qian, Shi Ji [Records of the Grand Historian] (Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, 1982).