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Name Rectification Politics of "the Others" for the Media: A Comparative Study on Homosexuals and People with Disabilities



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Minority and disadvantaged groups have attempted to use "name rectification" to subvert the ethnic classification framework and power relations and use new or even self-created titles to reconstruct subjectivity and identity as well as establish the sovereignty of cultural discourse. Mainstream news media are influential reality reflectors and constructors of society. However, it remains to be seen whether name rectification can achieve the objectives of minority groups to change the media’s reproduction effects and thereby influence the public's social cognition and social consciousness patterns. In this study, we use a sample of people with disabilities and homosexuals, which have undergone two kinds of name rectification processes to results of this study showed that the media representation of these two groups were different, which indicates that name rectification does not reconstruct media and social reality. In order to have a substantive influence, the name rectification movement might still need to rely on political and social measures.