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Early Clinical Experience with poly-L/DL-lactide 90/10 Resorbable Plates for Mandibular Fracture Fixation

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In this report, we describe our clinical experiences related to the application of a poly-L/DL-lactide 90/10 bioresorbable fixation system for mandible fractures. Evaluation and comparison of treatment outcomes with those using a metallic system are presented. The plate system was applied for intraosseous fixation after open reduction of a mandible fracture in 4 patients. Clinical data and the surgical procedure were recorded. A questionnaire was used to evaluate the patient’s response to the entire course of treatment. Any significant complaints and evidence indicating any side-effects were well documented and subsequently analyzed. All patients had a satisfactory outcome, and no major material-related side-effects were found. The surgical time and masticatory function were acceptable compared with those using the metal plate system. The results demonstrate the efficacy of this bioresorbable plate/screw system for mandibular fracture fixation.

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