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藝術教育研究/Research in Arts Education

藝術教育研究期刊顧問委員會 & Ainosco Press,正常發行

5-year IF 0.394
0.394 2023 年
Discipline Ranking
教育 13
藝術 1
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《藝術教育研究》為獲TSSCI、THCI Core收錄,以及科技部人文及社會科學期刊評比為一級之期刊。創刊宗旨為學術性、中立性、公正性與開放性,鼓勵國內外各類藝術教育領域相關學術研究。舉凡視覺藝術教育、音樂教育、表演藝術教育、設計教育、文創教育、藝術行政與博物館教育等,均在收錄之列。歡迎投稿者採用多元取向,執行實證性、哲學性或敘述性方法之研究,共同促進藝術教育領域理論與實踐的兼融並進。
Research in Arts Education is an academic journal published by Research in Arts Education Advisory Board. It is evaluated as THCI (Taiwan Humanities Citation Index) Tier 1 journal by Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology. The founding of this journal aims to promote the academic atmosphere, research quality, and communication width of arts education. The first issue of the journal was released in May of 2001. As a semi-annual journal, it is published twice a year at the end of May and December.

Publishing information

  • ISSN : 1680-435X
  • DOI : 10.6622/RAE
  • Publisher : 藝術教育研究期刊顧問委員會 & Ainosco Press , 台灣
  • Available from : 1期(2001/05)
  • Discipline
    Humanities > Art
    Social Sciences > Education
  • Journal index : THCI, ACI
  • Frequency : Semiannual , Active