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Primary Lung Adenocarcinoma in a 3 Year-Old-Boy


許瓊心(C. S. Hseu);黃富源(F. Y. Huang);林雲南(Y. N. Lin)

Key Words

primary lung adenocarcinoma in children ; serum alphafetoprotein


Acta Paediatrica Sinica

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18卷3期(1977 / 09 / 01)

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199 - 202

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Carcinoma of the lung in children is very rare in the literature, here we present a case encountered at the Mackay Memorial Hospital, and interestingly, the test for alpha-fetoprotein was positive in this case. A 3 year-old-boy was admitted to our hospital with the chief complaints of dyspnea and fever for about one month. Review of the history showed that he became dyspnic 2-3 days after he fell down to the ground from a 5 feet height. Chest x-ray showed general haziness on the right side. The chest tap yielded 30ml blood at another hospital. Symptoms improved after 200ml serosanguinous fluid was drained out However, dyspnea and fever developed again 3 days later and he was readmitted to the Mackay Memorial Hospital. Physical examination showed decreased breath sounds on the right side, percussion dullness was also elicited on the same side. Liver was 4 finger breadths palpable below the right costal margin. Under the impression of primary lung tumor with rupture, thoracectomy was done. The right lung was occupied with the whitish medullary cancer tissue and was unresectable. Only biopsy was done. It showed adenocarcinoma of the lung. Autopsy confirmed the diagnosis.

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