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Comprehensive Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Improve Complications of Patients with Colorectal Cancer


謝明憲(Ming-Xian Xie);陳建宏(Chien-Hung Chen);吳修安(Hsiu-An Wu);吳勇璋(Yung-Chang Wu);邱榮鵬(Jung-Peng Chiu);許中華(Chung-Hua Hsu)

Key Words

大腸癌 ; 中醫 ; 中醫癌症日間照護 ; CTCAE ; colorectal cancer ; traditional Chinese medicine ; traditional Chinese medicine cancer day care ; CTCAE



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23卷1期(2021 / 06 / 30)

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1 - 11

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Chinese Abstract

目的:大腸癌患者在手術切除及化放療後可增加存活率,但也帶來一系列如疲勞、疼痛、腹瀉、手足症候群等副作用。而大腸癌患者會因這些副作用而延後甚至中止後續治療。此研究希望藉由中醫整合治療來改善患者體質,減少西醫治療所帶來的副作用,提升患者生活品質。方法:此研究計畫擬透過回溯性資料,分析本院區癌症患者於中醫門診延長照護計畫之療效,藉由放化療副作用評估表(Common Terminology Criteria For Adverse Events,以下簡稱CTCAE評估表來分析中醫整合治療的成效。結果:顯示在CTCAE多項項目有顯著意義的改善,而在接受2周療程治療後可得到最佳的療效。結論:大腸癌在手術及放化療治療後的後遺症,可在中醫癌症日間照護2週療程下得到較好的改善,以利繼續接受後續治療。

English Abstract

Objective: Colorectal cancer patients can increase their survival rate after surgical resection and chemotherapy, but chemotherapy also lead a series of side effects such as fatigue, pain, diarrhea, hand and foot syndromes. However, cancer treatment course will be delay or even suspend due to these side effects. This study hopes to improve the patients' physique through the integrated treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, reduce the side effects of western medicine treatment, and improve the quality of life of patients. Methods: This study project intends to analyze the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine clinic prolongation care intervention through retrospective data. Using the Common Terminology Criteria For Adverse Events (CTCAE evaluation table) to analyze the effectiveness of integrated traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Results: It shows significant improvement in multiple items of CTCAE, and much better improvement efficacy can be obtained after receiving a 2-week course of treatment. Conclusion: The side effects of colorectal cancer after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be improved well under a 2-week course of traditional Chinese medicine clinic prolongation care, and the colorectal cancer patients can continue to receive follow-up treatment.

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