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The Influence of the Constant Carrier Lifetime Assumption on Analysis of the Characteristic in the Semiconductor Optical Chaotic System


张毅(Yi Zhang);夏光琼(Guang-Qiong Xia);吴正茂(Zheng-Mao Wu);钟东洲(Dong-Zhou Zhong)

Key Words

载流子寿命 ; 光混沌 ; 同步误差 ; Carrier lifetime ; optical chaos ; synchronization error



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26卷1期(2005 / 02 / 01)

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13 - 15

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During modeling theoretically the characteristics of the semiconductor optical chaotic system, the carrier lifetime is usually assumed as a constant (In this paper, it is called as constant carrier lifetime assumption (CCLA)). After considering the actually recombination mechanism of the carrier in the semiconductor, the variation of the carrier lifetime with the time has been obtained, the characteristics of the semiconductor optical chaos system have been investigated numerically, and the obtained results have been compared with those obtained with CCLA. It has been shown that CCLA will not only result in the mistaken definition to the chaotic region but also influence the analysis of the synchronization error.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 電機工程