基於PPLN的中紅外CW QPM-OPO技術發展綜述

Translated Titles

Development of mid-infrared CW QPM-OPO Based on PPLN


張興寶(Xing-Bao Zhang);王月珠(Yue-Zhu Wang);姚寶權(Bao-Quan Yao);鞠有倫(You-Lun Ju);陳德應(De-Yin Chen)

Key Words

CW OPO ; 准相位匹配QPM ; 週期性極化鈮酸鋰PPLN ; 中紅外激光 ; CW OPO ; quasi-phase matching QPM ; periodically polarization lithium niobate PPLN ; mid-infrared laser



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

26卷6期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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7 - 9

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Chinese Abstract

光學參量振蕩器(OPO)是利用非線性晶體的混頻特性實現頻率變換器件,是獲得可調諧相干光的有效途徑之一。准相位匹配(QPM)OPO產生的紅外波段光在紅外軍事對抗、大氣環境監測、醫學、特殊環境遠距離監控以及光譜學研究等諸多領域有重要的應用價值。而連續(CW)週期性極化鈮酸鋰(PPLN)OPO是3-5μm中紅外大功率連續激光源的最佳選擇。本文闡述了QPM技術的原理和特點,綜述了中紅外CW OPO的發展狀況,重點放在CW PPLN OPO技術的發展上,並指出了其發展趨勢及應用前景。

English Abstract

Optical parametric oscillators (OPO) can realize frequency transformation with its mixing frequency properly of nonlinear crystal, which is one of available effective approach to obtain tuned coherent light. Infrared light generated by QPM OPO has significant application in infrared military countermeasures atmospheric environment detection, medicine, spectroscopy, laser radar and remote sensing. Moreover CW PPLN OPO is the best choice for high power mid-infrared CW laser sources in the range of 3-5μm. In the paper, principles and characteristic of QPM are introduced and discussed, important recent advances of CW OPO are summarized, with emphasis on CW PPLN OPO and its application prospect.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 電機工程