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Effects of the Localized Impurity on a Trap on Characteristics of Evolution and Interaction of a Few bose-einstein Condensate Solitons


程永山(Yong-Shan Cheng);李宏(Hong Li);龔榮洲(Rong-Zhou Gong)

Key Words

玻色-愛因斯坦凝聚 ; 耦合非線性薛定諤方程 ; 畸變 ; 孤子 ; Bose-Einstein condensates ; coupling Nonlinear Schrö dingcr equations ; impurity ; solitons



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26卷6期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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70 - 72

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The effects of the localized impurity in a conventional potential on the characteristics of the evolution and interaction of a few Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) solitons are investigated by direct numerical simulations of the coupling Nonlinear Schrodinger equations. It is found that such effects depend on the strength and features of the impurity, and are related to the amplitude of the trapping potential, the parameters of the BEC soliton system and the initial condition.

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