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The Study on Species Composition and Quantitative Distribution of Phytoplankton in Fishing Ground of Squid in the North Pacific Ocean


王云龙(Yun-Long Wang);蒋玫(Mei Jiang);袁骐(Qi Yuan)

Key Words

北太平洋 ; 鱿鱼渔场 ; 浮游植物 ; North Pacific Ocean ; fishing ground of squid ; phytoplankton



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27卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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107 - 113

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129 species were identified, the species composition and distributing characteristics of phytoplankton in relation to environmental factors and central fishing ground were analyzed, The warm-water group was dominant (58.9%) in species composition, the proportion of cool-water group was quite low in species composition (10.9%), while it was obviously dominant in quantitative composition (68.05%), which implied that tropic zone, subtropic zone and subfrigid zone existed in this area meantime. The analyzing results show that the distribution of phytoplankton is not even during the investigation period, and the average concentration is 54.60×10^3 cell/m^3; the warm water and the cold water species have such a great influence on species composition and quantitative distribution of phytoplankton; and the form of central fishing ground is close related to high quantitative zone of phytoplankton.

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