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Preliminary Study of Concentration Distribution of Total Particulate Phosphorus in Estuary by Remote Sensing Technology


张霄宇(Xiao-Yu Zhang);林以安(Yi-An Lin);唐仁友(Ren-You Tang);潘德炉(De-Lu Pan);王迪峰(Di-Feng Wang);龚芳(Fang Gong)

Key Words

长江口近海 ; SeaWiFS ; 模型 ; 悬浮物 ; 颗粒态总磷 ; Changjiang Estuary ; SeaWiFS ; moldel ; suspended sediment ; total particulate phosphorus



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27卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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51 - 56

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The SeaWiFS loaded on SEASTAR is used as remote sensing data source. With the in-situ data of suspended sediment concentration (SSC) and total particulate phosphorus (TPP), and inverse regression equation, which suggests the exponential relationship between in-situ suspended sediment concentration data and in-situ radiance data, is employed: y(subscript ssc)=0.382 6exp[4.9748(R670/R555)], r^2=0.9179. Meanwhile the concentration of particulate phosphorus can be obtained by the following algorithm: y(subscript TPP)=0.0076x(subscript ssc)+0.1599, r^2=0.720. So the distributive characteristics of suspended sediments and particulate phosphorus in the Changjiang River Estuary and nearshore were retrived through satelite data. The result suggests that (1) the retrieved concentration distribution accords with the ground trouth, and reflects the actual transport path of ocean current to some extent; (2) the concentration of TPP declines gradually from inshore to offshore; and (3) the algorithm is only applicable for Case Ⅱ water, not for Case Ⅰ water.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 海洋科學