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Integration of Structural Instrument into Pension System for Farmers - a Normative Policy Analysis


Beatric Knerr;王俊豪(Jiun-Hao Wang)

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國民年金 ; 農民年金 ; 農業結構 ; 離農條款 ; 特殊年金制 ; 普遍年金制 ; Public Pension System ; Pension Scheme for Farmers ; Agricultural Structure ; Land Transfer Provision ; Specific System ; Universal System



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17期(2000 / 12 / 01)

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1 - 26

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In the process of economic growth in Taiwan, the agricultural sector lags behind other sectors. In addition to social problems for the elder farmers bring economic and political problems at the national level. Therefore, this research try to build a pension scheme for farmers in order to promote the agricultural structural adjustment process. The research method introduced a normative policy analysis, to clarify the key role which the farmers' old-age security plays in this context for economic growth. The main discussion focused on strengthes and disadvantages between the specific and universal pension systems. Furthermore, the ”Land Transfer Requirements” integrated into farmer's pension scheme would also be discussed, including its political feasibility and effectiveness of structural adjustment and income redistribution.

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