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Discourse on Rural Community Knowledge Flow




蕭崑杉(Kun-Sun Shiao);陳尚蓉(Shang-Rong Chen)

Key Words

鄉村社區 ; 知識流動 ; rural community ; knowledge flow



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

19期(2002 / 12 / 01)

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31 - 60

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

This study attempts to explain whether linear systematic model as Lionberger's study is still exited in rural knowledge system or the model of rural community knowledge flow has been changed with the diversified network system. 188 grape farmers from two cases, Datsuen and Juolan (大村鄉和卓蘭鎮) selected to collect available data in terms of survey, interview and documental analysis. The data findings show that knowledge need and power derived from system or actor perspectives and useful indication to signify the mapping of rural community knowledge flow with different influence of combinations. From the case of Datsuen where agricultural experimental station is located, has more evidences to explore the steady pattern of unified linear and linkage model with the dominant function of systematic knowledge need and power. In contrast, another case of Juolan demonstrates the multiple knowledge flow which more inclined to articulate the combinations of participatory and network model underpinning with the strength of operating actor knowledge need and power. Farmer's association in Juolan plays a turning mechanism for developing multiple network of knowledge flow in terms of the basis on representing the collective knowledge need and power of rural people. In conclusion, rural community knowledge flow is varied with ecological characteristics and the influence of knowledge need and power of actors. The system and actor perspective are still valid to explain the different status quo of knowledge models depends on the domination of governmental policy or the representing actors of rural collectives or organizations.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 農業
生物農學 > 森林
生物農學 > 畜牧
生物農學 > 漁業
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