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Long-term Clinical Observation of Topiramate in the Treatment of Epilepsy


伍文清(Wen-Qing Wu);潘映輻(Ying-Fu Pan)

Key Words

癲癇 ; 妥泰 ; 長期治療 ; Epilepsy ; Topiramate (TPM) ; Long-term therapy



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24卷4期(2002 / 08 / 10)

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247 - 250

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Chinese Abstract

目的 觀察長期應用妥泰治療癲癇的臨床療效、不良反應。方法 118例癲癇患者分為加用妥泰組和妥泰單藥治療組,觀察時間為6~27個月,平均12.7個月。結果 妥泰對各型癲癇治療的總有效率為82.1%,其中全身強直-陣攣性發作(GTCS)總有效率為83.3%,簡單部分性發作(SPS)總有效率為87.5%,複雜部分性發作(CPS)總有效率為72.0%,Lennox-Gastaut綜合徵(L-GS)總有效率為100%,其他[包括強直性發作(TS)、肌陣攣性發作(MCS)]總有效率為55.7%;服藥時間1年以上者總有效率為81.1%,控制率為52.0%;單藥治療的總有效率及控制率分別為80.6%、63.9%,輔助治療的總有效率及控制率分別為82.9%、41.4%;輕、中度病人的總有效率及控制率分別為84.0%、66.0%,重度病人的總有效率及控制率分別為80.3%、33.9%。結論 妥泰長期單藥及輔助治療各型癲癇效果明顯、穩定,無耐藥性,不良反應小;妥泰劑量應個體化。

English Abstract

Objective To evaluate the long-term efficacy and side effects of topiramate (TPM) in the treatment of the patients with epilepsy. Methods A total 118 patients with seizures were devided into two groups, one was treated with TPM as add-on therapy; another was TPM monotherapy. The mean duration of TPM was 12.7 months (6~27 months). Seizure reductions were calculated from seizure counts during the last 3 months of TPM therapy compared with baseline. Results Overall effective rate was 82.1%. (≥50% seizure reduction), GTCS was in 83.3% , SPS was in 87.5%, CPS was in 72%, L-GS was in 100% and others (TS、MCs) were in 85.7% .Among the patients treated 12 months, effective rate was 81.1% (50% seizure reduction); control rate was 52% (seizure free). Among patients treated with TPM as monotherapy, effective rate and control rate were 80.6% and 63.9% respectively; in the add-on treatment they were 82.9% and 41.4% respectively. Patients with refractory epilepsy effective rate and control rate were 80.3% and 33.9% respectively; and in non-refractory group, they were 84% and 66 % respectively. Conclusions TPM is a well-tolerated and useful agent for long-term seizure cortrol no whether as adjunctive therapy and (or) as monotherapy.

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