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The Partial Coalescence of Fat in Whipped Dairy Emulsions


趙謀明(Mou-Ming Zhao);范瑞(Rui Fan);林偉鋒(Wei-Feng Lin)

Key Words

攪打乳狀液 ; 部分聚結 ; 脂肪球吸附膜 ; whippable dairy emulsions ; partial coalescence ; absorbed layer of fat



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30卷2期(2004 / 02 / 28)

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77 - 81

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Chinese Abstract


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The partial coalescence of fat in whipped dairy emulsions and the effects of whipping conditions, oil type and absorbed layer of fat on partial coalescence are introduced in this paper. The partial coalescence has a very important role in the structure of whipped cream and ice cream. The controlling of the degree of partial coalescence is important in improving the quality of whipped dairy products. In addition to the production of ice cream, recent research progress on partial coalescence are reviewed.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業