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Effect of Unit Operations on Physical and Chemical Parameters and Pulp Particle Size of Carrot Juice


孫英(Ying Sun);廖小軍(Xiao-Jun Liao);胡小松(Xiao-Song Hu)

Key Words

胡蘿蔔汁 ; 單元操作 ; 理化指標 ; 果肉顆粒 ; 掃描電鏡(SEM) ; carrot juice ; unit operation ; physical and chemical parameter ; particle size ; SEM (scan electron microscope)



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30卷5期(2004 / 05 / 31)

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14 - 17

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Chinese Abstract


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Effect of unit operations on physical and chemical parameters and pulp particle size of carrot juice was investigated. Carotenoid was significantly reduced by homogenization and pasteurization, turbidity being significantly reduced by homogenization and centrifuge, viscosity and SS being increased and pH being reduced by adding sucrose and citric acid. The reduction of pulp particle size after centrifuge, homogenization and pasteurization was observed by using scan electron microscope when particle size was detected to be around (37.5×45)μm, (7.5×10.5)μm, (4.75×5.4)μm after these three process respectively.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業