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Solid-state Fermentation of Waste Food to Produce Feeding-protein by Mixed Fungal Strains


鄔蘇煥(Su-Huan Wu);宋興福(Xing-Fu Song);劉夠生(Gou-Sheng Liu);于建國(Jian-Guo Yu)

Key Words

餐廚垃圾 ; 蛋白飼料 ; 固態發酵 ; food waste ; feeding-protein ; solid-state fermentation



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30卷5期(2004 / 05 / 31)

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63 - 68

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Chinese Abstract

利用固態發酵的方法對城市餐廚垃圾進行處理,製造富含菌體蛋白的飼料。研究中採用多種酵母菌和霉菌混合發酵,篩選出了(白地霉F-1,米曲霉F-6)為優勢菌種組合,並考察了發酵條件,最優化結果為:對發酵培養基高溫滅菌20min,加入(NH4)2SO4 1%,KH2PO4 4%,NaCl 3%,初始pH5.5,含水率60%左右;種子液15%,接種比例為1:1,發酵5d。最終得到的飼料粗蛋白含量為33.87%,比原料增加了6.85%。

English Abstract

Municipal food waste is treated with solid-state fermentation to produce feeding-protein. In this study, several yeast and mold are combined to ferment the waste; the excellent mixed strains of Geotrichum candidum F-1 and Aspergillus oryzae F-6 are selected. The best condition of fermentation is as follows: 20 minutes high temperature pretreatment, 1% (NH4)2SO4, 4% KH2PO4, 3% NaCl, pH 5.5, 60% water content, 15% seed liquid, 1:1 seed liquid ratio, 5 days fermentation period. Eventually, the protein content of product reached 33.87%, which is 6.85% higher than that of the raw waste.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業