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Study on Recycling Process of the Stillage in the Ethanol Fermentation by Zymomonas mobilis


石貴陽(Gui-Yang Shi);陶飛(Fei Tao);蔡宇傑(Yu-Jie Cai);徐柔(Rou Xu);章克昌(Ke-Chang Zhang)

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運動發酵單胞菌 ; 酒精發酵 ; 閉路循環 ; Zymomonas mobilis ; ethanol fermentation ; stillage ; recycling



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30卷5期(2004 / 05 / 31)

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69 - 71

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Ethanol production could carry out large amount of ethanol stillage, which is one of main pollution sources in ethanol fermentation. But if the filtrate from stillage is used to replace process water in the ethanol fermentation, the pollution can be eliminated and the nutrients in the stillage can be re-used. In this paper, the filtrate of the ethanol stillage is used as water and nourishment for ethanol production. The average value with 7.3% (v/v) was obtained from eight recycle periods by the new process. By the same token, the residual sugar of 1.5g/L and final pH of 4.0 were observed. The new Zymomonas mobilis fermentation process only needs a simple apparatus for filtration of the fermented broth; the nitrogen sources, such as peptone and yeast extract, can be reused each time. As a result, this new process eliminates pollution and reduces the cost of ethanol production.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業