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A Study on Ozone System Depuration for E. coli in Pacific Oyster


喬慶林(Qing-Lin Qiao);蔡友瓊(You-Qiong Cai);徐捷(Jie Xu);姜朝軍(Chao-Jun Jiang)

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太平洋牡蠣 ; 淨化 ; 臭氧 ; 埃希氏大腸桿菌 ; Pacific oyster ; depuration ; ozone ; Escherichia coli



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30卷5期(2004 / 05 / 31)

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72 - 75

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Chinese Abstract

採用人工方法使太平洋牡蠣(Crassostrea gigas)體內積累的埃希氏大腸桿菌(E. coli)達到5個對數值後,放入小型臭氧淨化實驗系統中,通過正交試驗,研究了各種環境因子對太平洋牡蠣自身淨化能力的影響。經48h淨化處理後,貝肉中的E. coli減小約2~3個對數值,太平洋牡蠣的最佳淨化條件為:溫度15℃、換水率3次/h、貝水質量比為1:4。海水中O3濃度為0.1~0.2mg/L時具有明顯的殺菌作用。同時分析了臭氧系統處理海水的原理和影響因子,證明了臭氧系統用於淨化太平洋牡蠣中的E. coli是有效的。

English Abstract

Escherichia coli (E. coli) can accumulate in Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) to approximately 5 log value. This work was done to reduce the E. coli amount in pacific oyster using a pilot-scale ozone (O3) depuration system. An orthogonal experiment was designed to determine the influence of various environmental parameters on cleaning the pacific oyster. After treatment for 48 hours in the depuration system, the numbers of E. coli in the oyster meats reduced approximately 3 log value. Optimal depuration conditions were obtained as: temperature of 15℃; water changing rate at 3 times per hour; oyster weight to water weight ratio at 1:4; ozone concentration of 0.1~0.2mg/L in the seawater has significant function of disinfection. Mechanism and factors affecting seawater with O3 system have been analyzed. The system is effective for depuration of E. coli in Pacific oyster.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業