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Processing Technology of Hawthorn Preserves Content Lower Sugar


孔瑾(Jin Kong);宋照軍(Zhao-Jun Song);劉占業(Zhan-Ye Liu);王利花(Li-Hua Wang)

Key Words

山楂 ; 低糖山楂果脯 ; 加工工藝 ; hawthorn ; lower sugar hawthorn preserves ; processing technology



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

30卷5期(2004 / 05 / 31)

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76 - 80

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Chinese Abstract

以山楂為原料系統地研究了製作低糖果脯的加工工藝,包括填充劑的組配和填充、真空滲糖、防腐保藏等。最佳工藝技術及參數為:果坯熱燙100℃、2min;填充0.5%瓊脂+0.5% CMC、煮沸5min、浸漬30min;真空滲糖糖液濃度50%、真空度0.06Mpa、抽真空時間15min、充氣時間45~60min防腐保藏防腐裹包膜液0.01%乳酸鏈球菌+0.1%鹿蹄草浸液+0.5%茶多酚、複合食品袋抽空包裝、35~40kGyCo^60射線輻照。

English Abstract

The processing technology of hawthorn preserves with low sugar content was researched systematically. The whole process mainly included the ingredients forming, filling, sugar penetrating in vacuum, roasting, preserving, and so on. The optimal parameters were that the scalding at 100℃ for 2min, bulk filling with 5‰ agar and 0.5% CMC, boiling time for 5min and steeping for 30min; sugar being penetrated under 0.06MPa in vacuum, applying vacuum for 15min, applying air filling for 45~60min and the sugar concentration being controlled at 50%. The parameters for preservation were that the wrapping film fluid contained 0.01% streptococcus lactic +0.1% pyrola soaking fluid +0.5% tea polypheol. The packaging was laminated food bag with vacuum treatment and 3.5~4.0kGyCo^60 ray radiation.

Topic Category 工程學 > 化學工業