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A Study on the Atmospheric Vertical Structure and Its Energy in Low and Mid-Latitudes during the East Asia Mei-Yu Period in 1979


李汴軍(Beng-Chun Lee)

Key Words

梅雨期 ; 垂直模能量 ; Mei-Yi period ; Vertical mode energy



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22卷3期(1994 / 09 / 01)

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417 - 430

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This paper is to study the vertical energetic characteristics based on the ECMWF III-b data over 30°E ~ 150°E, 0 ~ 60°N during May and June, 1979. Firstly, the time variations of the vertical temperature profile in mid-latitudes are significantly observed. The major time change is close to that of the onset and recess of the East Asia Mei-Yu seasons. Secondly, Most of the 80 energy stored in the first four vertical modes is dominant over the tropics. The calculated energy shows there are a 30 day period variations for the first vertical mode in the tropics and 15 day period oscillations revealed in internal and first modes of the mid-latitudes. Besides, it appears seemingly a transient belt in the subtropic regions.Potential energy is dominant in the tropics, in the first vertial mode of the subtropics and mid-latitudes. However kinetic energy is most important over the internal modes in the subtropics and mid-latitudes.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 大氣科學