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Determination of Paeoniflorin in Chinese Medicinal Preparations by HPLC


盧芬鈴(Fen-Ling Lu);林隆達(Long-Dar Lin);溫國慶(Kuo-Ching Wen)

Key Words

paeoniflorin ; 小青龍湯 ; 芍藥甘草湯 ; HPLC



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9號(1991 / 09 / 01)

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152 - 158

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Chinese Abstract

利用高效液相層析法,針對市售含芍藥製劑一小青龍湯及芍藥甘草湯、以水為抽取溶媒,測定paeoniflorin含量情形,以層析管:Nova-pak C18 (3.9mm I.D×150mm),移動相:1%醋酸水溶液:乙腈(=85:15),流速:1.0ml/min,檢測波長:UV232nm,抽購市售製劑小青龍湯共計56件,paeoniflorin含量範圍:0.20~1.14%,芍藥甘草湯共計35件,paeoniflorin含量範圍:ND~5.24%。

English Abstract

Paeoniflorin in traditional Chinese medicinal preparations containing paeony root was determined by HPLC. Water extracts from preparations were assayed on a reversed phase column with a mobile phase of 0.1% aqueous acetic acid/acetonitrile (85:15) at flow rate of 1.0ml/min and by a detector at wavelength of 232 xml. The results showed that paeoniflorin contains in 56 samples of sheau-ching-long-tong were found to be 0.20-1.14% and in 35 samples of shaur-yaw-gan-tsao-tang were found to be ND-5.24%.

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