Scrotal Abscess Originating from Appendicitis: A Case Report

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李永進(Yung-Chin Lee);吳文正(Wen-Jeng Wu);黃書彬(Shu-Pin Huang);蔡秀男(Hsiu-Nan Tsai);周以和(Yii-Her Chou);黃俊雄(Chun-Hsiung Huang)

Key Words

陰囊膿瘍 ; 闌尾炎 ; scrotal abscess ; appendicitis


The Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences

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19卷5期(2003 / 05 / 01)

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242 - 245

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There are numerous reports concerning the presentation of appendicitis as a urologic problem. However, scrotal abscess originating from appendicitis has rarely been described. We report a right scrotal abscess due to a preceding retroperitoneal abscess originating from retrocecal appendicitis. The scrotal abscess developed progressively following appendectomy. Scrotal exploration was carried out under the presumptive diagnosis of abscessed epididymo-orchitis. However, the patient remained febrile and had productive pus drained from the scrotum after exploration. Abdominal computerized tomography demonstrated that a large retroperitoneal abscess had accumulated at the appendectomy site. Percutaneous drainage of the retroperitoneal resulted in resolution of the scrotal abscess. In cases of scrotal abscess following previous abdominal events (e.g. appendectomy),we recommend that abdominal origins should be carefully surveyed before scrotal exploration.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫藥衛生綜合